Image of a man receiving reiki treatment

How reiki works

A treatment consists of placing the hands on the client, often the hands will be place intuitively on the body or the Chakras the Reiki energy flows to where it is needed and helps the body to heal and the mind to be calm: a treatment is normally a very relaxing experience.

The treatment is really beneficial to those in the events industry as well as other holistic practitioners family and friends and new clients as it is so simple and easy to receive Reiki, it’s a treatment of choice for many

Treatments can be held at your home or office, at Rhona's studio or at a distance and last between 45 minutes and one hour.

Image of a lady receiving reiki treatment


Reiki stimulates your own healing, it is relaxing and brings harmony to the mind and body and relieves stress from daily lives

Image showing a baby receiving reiki treatment

Reiki for Children

Using Reiki on babies and children is simple and something they seem to understand, enjoy and benefit from this non invasive laying on of hands

Image showing distance reiki

Distance reiki

Reiki can be given from a distance by agreeing a time to receive the treatment with the client who is unable to meet up personally once a full consultation has been conducted via email or phone to ensure that the practitioner and client understand the objective of the treatment

Reiki treatments from £45

The Reiki experience will be unique to each person, the environment will be special and relaxing